Germany Short Sale Disclosure

The list of countries enforcing Short Sale Disclosures continues to grow! German BaFin are introducing blanket Short Sale Disclosure for all securities listed on a German exchange.


Our summary of the requirements follows:


Report By    P+1 (by end of trading)
Report For    All calendar days which are trading days

   0.2% - report to BaFin

   0.5% - report to Federal Gazzette

Reporting Trigger

   Position exceeds Threshold or falls below Threshold

Netting Allowed

(at Parent Entity Level)   



   Including but not limited to Shares, Swaps, and Derivatives

Submission Channel

   Electronic,using BaFin MVP


Further details can be found at BaFin portal here.


PAC-INVEST will be extending the DisclosureWise platform to cover Short Disclosure to Germany. Contact Us now for a friendly call back and find out how we can help you meet your compliance requirements.