European Short Disclosures

The European securities regulator ESMA have defined new Short Disclosure Rules which come into effect from 1st November 2012. DisclosureWise platform provides complete automation of European Short Disclosure for reporting to the regulators in leading European markets:


  • Calculation of thresholds based on the latest adjusted issued capital figures
  • Determine whether a position has increased by 0.1%  since last reportage and report accordingly
  • Ability to automatically report the last notification date for a position in the same issuer
  • Handling of Public Holidays across 29 member states of the EU
  • Filtering out the list of non-reportable stocks as per the regulator notifications
  • ISO compliant country codes and date time formats
  • Automatic fax confirmations to the regulators where required
  • ISIN and Issuer Name validation
  • Industrial strength encryption and auditing
  • Automated submissions to the regulators
  • SFTP, Web Service or Portal based submission
  • Rolling Submissions functionality
  • Around the clock support


The same file may contain the Australian, Hong Kong and European Short Positions as well, or these can be submitted separately.


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