We have delivered numerous high profile projects to stockborkers and hedge funds in Australia with a significant amount of compliance and Iress automation work.


Custom Software Development for Buy and Sell Side 

We provide software development skills to both Buy and Sell sides. We have rapid proposal development process and our lean delivery process ensures cost effective delivery of cutting edge projects.


Some of the projects we have delivered include:

  • FIX protocol based solution for broker
  • Front to back office integration such as trade capture
  • Software for hedge fund EMS against custodian reconciliations
  • Bookings and allocations tools  
  • Retail broker vetting and compliance software
  • Exchange Traded Option vetting for a DMA broker



Trading Systems Automation

With a number of custom installation in place in leading organisations, we are a leading provider of IRESS Automation.

  • IOS, IOS+, Neo
  • FTS, IPS


Recent projects include:

  • Settlements automation for a stockbroking firm using IOS+
  • Enabling Exchange Traded Option trading at a hedge fund by automation using FTS
  • Compliance platform for a leading stockbroker 


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